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The Origin of Tsinglan School

author:school release date:2017-05-10 13:42:00

Some people are destined to meet, some thoughts are destined to impact, and some thoughts are destined to spark new ideas.


From left to right: Xin Ying, Wang Yi, Ren Zhengfei, Wang Dianjun, Ma Cheng

In the spring of 2016, Wang Dianjun was invited to visit Beijing's Huawei base.  There he met with a highly respected entrepreneur, Ren Zhengfei.  After a few years, Huawei's business miracle suddenly walked through the streets, to become a pride of China.

"You are the professionals, I give my respect to you!" Ren introduced to Wang Dianjun and his party, the planning of the new base of Huawei at Songshan Lake.  The words filled with power, the dream would progressively come true. "Huawei 's station staff will move to Songshan Lake, Huawei will contribute to this region, and education is most important.”


Ren Zhengfei and Qiu Yong

Principal Wang devoted a great enthusiasm into basic education and innovation. What Principal Wang wants is that every educational philosophy has a landing resonance, and every education attempt can retain a better touch. This matched exactly with Ren’s motto, “Pragmatic, devout, focus, and independence.”  "Huawei's focus is on communication. Professionals have to do the work, we are responsible for the schools, and you for education and management," Ren said.

“Now, we are all trying with faith in our hearts, though in different ways, the feelings are interweaved.  We now hold high quality educational resources, and it means that we shoulder a huge social responsibility," Wang responded full of confidence.

Two wise men from different fields talked extensively, and created a heroic solution.

In the winter of 2016, Mr. Ren made a special trip to Tsinghua University, "the Gong hall,” met with the principal of Tsinghua University, Qiu Yong, and executive deputy secretary, Jiang Shengyao. The two sides further combined and cooperated to conclude that Huawei Group invest in the school, and Tsinghua University High School would be responsible for education and management.


Ren zhengfei and Wang Dianjun

"I put the school management and policy-making completely to Tsinghua University High School, I trust you," Ren stated.

"We will do our best to bring qualified international education to Songshan Lake."  Our response is a goal and commitment.


From left to right: Jiang Yafei, Jiang Shengyao, Ren Zhengfei, Wang Dianjun, Wang Yi, Xin Ying

The management team of Tsinghua University High School will be the implementation of this dream. They will take Tsinghua spirit of, "Actions are better than words, " promote the good character and morals of Huawei, and make the dream come true for the south of China, for the beautiful Songshan Lake, and for the children.

The moment of the encounter and the decision, they often change the face of a city and the fate of a group. If this decision is relevant to us, then let us make every effort to do our best and strive for it! 

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