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Wang Dianjun has been Principal of Tsinghua High School since December 2006. Mr. Wang holds a B.A. from Shaanxi Normal University, an M.A. from Peking University, and a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University. Mr. Wang served as Associate Professor and then Professor in the mathematical department of Tsinghua University from August 1999 till December 2006. Mr. Wang is currently director of the basic education team of Tsinghua University Institute of Educational Research, member of China Ministry of Education’s educational technology committee and basic education curriculum committee, and vice-chairman of the high school curriculum committee of the Chinese Society of Education.


Wang Yi is currently Executive Director for University Programs at Harvard Center Shanghai, working with Harvard University’s many schools and departments to strengthen their engagement with China. A graduate of Harvard University and Oxford University, Mr. Wang once worked as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in Beijing, where he built Goldman’s China onshore asset management business from scratch at Beijing Gao Hua Securities, and at McKinsey & Company. Since 2014, Mr. Wang has devoted himself to education, helping to found and then serving as vice chair of the Board for United World College in China.


Shi Ping is Deputy Principal of Tsinghua High School and Executive Principal of Tsinghua International School. Mr. Shi has worked at Tsinghua High School since graduating from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. Mr. Shi has many years of experience as a teacher and administrator. His educational vision is to combine Tsinghua characteristics and the best of Western education in order to provide more credible options in international education for Chinese students.


Xin Ying is Deputy Principal of Tsinghua High School and Executive Principal of Tsinghua High School, Shangdi. Ms. Xin holds a B.A. from East China Normal University, an M.A. from Peking University, and was trained at Tokyo Gakugei University. She has been a visiting scholar at Oxford University, a member of the U.S. National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC), and a TEFL-certified teacher.


Lin jingzi worked in Tsinghua High School for more than 10 years, graduated from Wuhan University of Technology and Hong Kong University. She has rich experience in first-line teaching and management and received the honor of Excellent Teacher in Tsinghua High School. During the three years in the United States, she worked in public and private education teaching and administrative sections which gave her a deep understanding of the differences between Chinese and western education and how these school are operated and managed. When she came back to China, she decided to continue dedicating herself in the field of international education, bringing good teaching modes and philosophy to Chinese students, and make her contributions to create a platform with infinite possibility for all-round development of students.

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