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Board Member and Principal: Xin Ying (Cynthia). Ms. Xin is Assistant Principal of Tsinghua University High School, Secretary and Executive Principal of Tsinghua University High School ShangdiCampus. She graduated from the Department of Mathematics at East China Normal University, the Department of Mathematics at Peking University, and the Department of Education at Tokyo Gakugei University. She has been a teacher at Tsinghua University High School since graduation over 20 years ago. She believesthat it takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to rear people. Shealways stands in the perspective of promoting the development of students,convinced that sustainable education is education of the future.


Larry, the Foreign Academic Principal of Tsinglan School, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and California State University, Northrigde. He worked as a school administrator, principal, and supervisor of principals in the Los Angeles Unified School District after graduation and took the role of principal and director at Walter Reed Middle School for 11 years.  Currently he worked as an educational consultant in the Los Angeles area. 

He loves his career as an educator and has always been very serious about doing what is best for children in whatever educational setting he has worked in.  He believes that building positive relationships with the school educational staff, the parents, and the students is the only way for a school to become a successful learning environment.  These relationships have been critical to his own success and happiness in the positions that he has held.


Special Advisor to the Principal: Dr.Jonathan Gastel. Dr. Gastel graduated from Yale University (B.A.) and Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D). He is committed to promoting students' pursuit of higheracademic, leadership and moral goals. He has taught various subjects in bothpublic and private schools in the United States and internationally, including Stuyvesant High School in New York City. He has also created and led a numberof successful project-based teaching programs. He was once was the Supervisorof Secondary Science at Pelham, New York, and now Dean of Academics at New York Military Academy (alma mater of President Donald Trump).


Special Advisor to the Principal: Dr. GeWeikun. Dr. Ge graduated from Peking University and the University of Manchester (Ph.D, UK. He is an expert in semiconductor physics, and spinelectronics. He served as Deputy Director of the Institute of Semiconductor Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor of the Condensed Matter Physics Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professorat the University of Dartmouth, Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor of Sun Yat-sen University, and Professor of Tsinghua University. Dr. Ge has 25 years of overseas teaching and researchexperience. He is now Professor Emeritus of the Hong Kong University of Scienceand Technology, Professor at Tsinghua University, and Research Project Advisorat Peking University.


Special Advisor to the Principal: WangLixin. Professor Wang graduated from the Department of Philosophy at Shandong University. He has taught at the Department of Social Sciences at the Northeast Forestry University and Philosophy and History and Culture at Xiangtan University. He is now a Humanities Professor and Ph.D. mentor at the University of Shenzhen. Inspired by the spirit of the sages, he has specialized in Songand Ming Dynasty Confucianism, and traditional culture persistently for morethan 30 years. He is also a guest researcher at the Institute of Higher Humanities and Social Sciences at Taiwan University, part-time Professor at Shandong University, part-time Professor of Chinese traditional culture at Wuhan University and Academic Advisor of Huxiang Culture Research Institute at Peking University.


Special Psychology Advisor to the Principal: Zhang Xusheng. Ms. Zhang graduated from the Institute of Psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences) majoring in applied psychology, hasreceived systematic and professional training in the field of psychologicalcounseling, specializing in psychoanalysis, humanism, behaviorism, groupcounseling and crisis intervention and other systems. She is a seniorpsychological counselor of Beijing United Family Hospital, a teacher of psychological counseling technology fine training for Beijing primary and secondary school mental health teachers in Beijing Institute of Education, speaker of the "action phase of the counseling technology" and"crisis intervention" and other courses. The main areas of counselingincludes scientific parenting, personality issues, adolescent growth, maritalrelations, family relations; environmental adaptation, potential development, stress management, emotional management, team management, interpersonal relationships and so on. In the past 20 years of work practice, Ms. Zhang has accumulated a large number of practical cases and rich experience to help manyindividuals and families out of the woods. For many years to prividepsychological service for managers and staffs in many global 500 companies. In 2008, as one of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Distinguished Eexperts, she hadbeen in Wenchuan earthquake area to carry out psychological crisis interventionfor 3 times. Her outstanding performance rewarded her the Model Worker of thesecond session of the psychologist conference, and gave a lecture in the Great Hall of the People as a representative.


Special Art Advisor to the Principal: LuYushun. Professor Lu is Executive Vice President and Faculty Board Member atthe Chinese National Academy of Painting, Ph.D mentor at the Chinese Academy of Art, Vice President of Harbin Normal University, member  of the CPPCC National Committee, Director ofthe Chinese Artists Association, Deputy Director of the Chinese Painting Association, Associate Professor of Chinese Traditional Painting Association, Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg; Visiting Professor at the Hokusyo University in Hokkaido, Japan. From the late 1980s tothe present, he not only excelled in Heilongjiang landscape painting, created a "remote areas" still life painting series, but has also gone global, created the "Poet Of Tang" series and "Extraterritorial Life" series. He expanded the scope of Chinese landscape painting and inklanguage, and, in particular, broadened the Laozi (Lao Tzu) – Zhuangzi (ZhuangZhou) philosophy’s representation in landscape painting, and formed his owndistinctive artistic style -" Yu Shun Landscape. ".


Board Secretary and Administrative Assistant Principal: Lin Jingzi (Lara). Ms. Lin graduated from Wuhan Universityof Technology and the University of Hong Kong, and has been teaching in Tsinghua High School for over ten years. She was awarded as an excellentteacher, has a wealth of front-line teaching and management experience, and isvery popular with the students. She lived in the United States for two years, was engaged in primary and secondary education administrative work, and gaineda deep understanding of the education differences between China and the Westand different schools’ operating models. In the future, she will continue to oninternational education at Tsinghua University High School, bringing to Chinesestudents the United States’ best teaching model, creating a platform with infinite possibilities for well-rounded development of students.


Operations Assiant Principal: Li Chong. Mr.Li graduated from Tsinghua University in computer science and technology, Canada University of Regina in SK computer science, and has been teaching in Tsinghua University for more than 20 years since return to China. He has morethan 20 years of management experience in educational network security andresource management.


Director of Studies and Humanities Teacher: Li Meng. An alumna of Tsinghua University High School, Ms. Li then graduatedfrom Yale University (B.A.), Middlebury College (M.A.), and Columbia University (M.Ed). She has served as a member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL, 2013-present), and a member of the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS, 2016-present). Prior to joiningTsinglan School, Ms. Li has worked as the Upper School Assembly Coordinator, Admissions Interviewer, Development Fellow, and Accreditation Chair atRiverdale Country School in New York City. She has also worked as the Program Dean for the Oxbridge Academic Programs at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.


Lower School Director and Chinese Coordinator: Zhao Xuebin (Aui). A Tsinghua High School Alumni, Mr. Zhao earneda Master of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Capital Normal University. He has taught Chinese at the Universidad EAN in Colombia, the Eisenhower Elementary School in Minnesota, United States, and then worked at TsinghuaUniversity High School. He was a visiting student of the late Professor andacoustic phonetics expert Kenneth N. Stevens at MIT and is currently a memberof the International Chinese Language Society (IACL).


Middle School Director and Science Coordinator: Liu Yangqiu. Dr. Liu earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry engineeringfrom Tsinghua University, and has done scientific research and technological work for nearly two decades. She deeply understands the difference between Chinese and foreign science education, and believes that cultivating children'sscientific literacy is very important. As the Science a Coordinator, she willbring a unique perspective to lead the children to open the door to science,experience the fun of science, master the scientific way of thinking about theworld.


Director of Admissions and Marketing and Humanities Teacher: Qiao Zhengke (Joe). Mr. Qiao earned a Master in Curriculumand Teaching at Northeast Normal University. He won Tsinghua University HighSchool excellent teacher awards, the first prize in Tsinghua University High School Young Teachers Basic Skills Contest, and micro video special award. Hehas worked in China’s largest educational group, New Oriental Education &Technology Group Inc., and was in charge of the management and operation ofnational projects, gaining much experience in education administration and project management. He is familiar with the teaching of humanities, especiallypolitics, geography and history. He will pay attention to the diversified development of students, and provide a humanities curriculum with both Chinese and Western characteristics to Tsinglan students, together with the humanities and social teaching team. In addition, he will share his passion in photography and coffee-making with Tsinglan students.


PreK-K Director and Homeroom Teacher: GaoShuang (Grace). Mr. Gao graduated from the Beijing Institute of Education majoringin English and pre-school education., She has participated in AMS Montessori College’s 3-6-year-old Montessori teaching method training, and is a certified Montessori teacher. She has served as an English teacher, Montessori teacher, teaching director and other positions in her 16-year career s of pre-schooleducation. As a result, she has a wealth of knowledge regarding early childhood education, especially Montessori education.


Ying Zhang, Assistant to Principal, Director of Student Development Center, with 14 years of working experience, she worked at Bulgaria and Sweden and then came back and settled in China after staying 7 years in the United States. 

She has accumulated profound experiences of western culture and rich experiences in cross-cultural management practices. While studying at university of Texas in the United States, she really had a very good and deep understanding of American society, culture and education. She trusts that if try with enthusiasm and efforts, anything is possible. She hopes she can discover the values of life during the journey of exploring the true meaning of education together with all Tsinglan School team!


Sam Williamson,Co-Director of Upper Division Humanities Teacher.

Mr. Williamson graduated from Newcastle University (B.A. in philosophy, and M.A. in education). He has five years of teaching experience at the St Birinus School in Oxfordshire, UK, and has extensive experience in teaching and administration. He has been honored for his work and appointed to academic and administration positions. He has 3 years of international school teaching experience as well, including some academic administration experience. In his spare time he likes football, rugby, rock climbing and hiking. He is also a guitar player, a composer, and a photographer. 

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