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Magnificent Classes in Tsinglan School

author:school release date:2017-05-04 16:40:14

Tsinglan School, covers education from pre-school to high school, and provides students a systematic learning and growth plan. Therefore, they can gradually complete the learning of self-management, adapt to the university's learning atmosphere and methods, and make a solid foundation to become a lifelong learner. In order to ensure the healthy development of students' physical and mental balance, the school has created a career course from K-12, established a rich database, help students of different ages to grow up through discussion and experiential learning.

At the same time, Exeter round table teaching method, Extreme Learning Process (XLP), interdisciplinary comprehensive learning--science/technology/engineering/art/math (STEAM), (project based learning (PBL), problem-based inquiry learning (PBL) and other advanced education and teaching methods are applied in the class.  They allow students to experience the real view and enhance their learning abilities.

Therefore, the rich teaching model, brilliant student activities, and all kinds of student associations and clubs, truly understand the diversification of teaching and learning.  The academic life tutor system, on one hand, students research the projects intensely, on the other hand, they improve their living skills.  Menu-based elective courses, self-taught courses, as well as the credit management system, are setup so that students can lead their learning, let education become people-oriented, and let them become who they want to be.  International teaching methods, global teachers, as well as the full international exchange and cooperation, combined with local courses and high-end CAP & AP courses, all-round innovation and talents and educational experience, Tsinglan School will definitely be exceptional.

Teaching Characteristics

Bilingual immersion education

In order to achieve the school's educational philosophy, to let students to become citizens of the world, the school adopts the bilingual immersion teaching method. Bilingual immersion education can help students develop cross-cultural awareness and understandings.  Compared with students who are not bilingually educated, students have a more prominent and flexible performance in terms of brain capacity, problem solving, thinking, better expression with English and Chinese, and math skills in bilingual and math assessment. Tsinglan School decides to start from the pre-school education center, to provide the children with a Chinese and English bilingual environment. Then gradually into the primary school, junior school and high school learning the students will have more English teaching, so that students can easily translate between Chinese and English. The school is also committed to encourage students to go out and visit, and learn in real life situations.


The Harkness table

The Harkness table teaching method refers to students sitting around a large oval table, in an open environment, to discuss the content of the course as the main learning method.  The teachers only intervene for the professional clarification and other small aspects.  This method has been successfully applied to various disciplines, such as English, history, mathematics, physics, and so on. Its main goal is to encourage students to think independently and develop their reasoning skills, discussion skills, and display skills.



STEAM is an acronym for five words: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. STEAM education emphasizes the strengthening of K-12 on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, and encourages the integration of disciplines.  It pays attention to practice, hands-on, and the process that students establish the knowledge structure of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics through the production of their favorite things.



PBL-Project Based Learning is a problem-oriented teaching method, based on the real world of student-centered education. PBL emphasizes students' active learning, linking learning with larger tasks or questions, putting learners into problems; it makes realistic tasks, emphasizes learning in complex and meaningful scenarios to solve the problem through the learner's self-exploration and cooperation, so as to learn the knowledge behind the science, enhance the abilities of problem-solving and self-learning.

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