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About Tsinglan School

Tsinglan School was founded in August, 2017. It is a private bilingual international school funded by HUAWEI and operated by Tsinghua University High School.

With the motto of "Try, and all is possible", our school aims to inherit the century-old spirit of Tsinghua University and carry forward HUAWEI's perseverance to create a new international education that suits China’s conditions. Tsinglan devotes to lighting up students' dreams, preparing them for a better future and being responsible for their lifelong development.

The management team of the school comes from Tsinghua University High School. At the same time, Tsinglan recruits professional teachers from all over the world. Currently, there are five special- grade teachers at school. 12% of our faculty members have doctoral degrees, and over 90% of the faculty have master's or higher degrees.

Curriculum :

PK-12 curriculum, from Kindergarten to high school

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Tsinglan Dream Comes from a Gathering

Ren Zhengfei

Trustee and CEO of HUAWEI

"HUAWEI's terminal is going to move to Songshan Lake, Dongguan. HUAWEI will contribute to the development of this region, and education will be a top priority."

"You (Tsinghua University High School) are expert in education, and I respect for that. HUAWEI's focus is on communications, and education should be done by education professionals."

Wang Dianjun

Former Principal of Tsinghua University High School
Chairman of the Board of Tsinglan School

"Tsinglan School's Chinese name, 'Qing Lan Shan', literally means 'Tsinglan Mountain. People often wonder whether we have named our school after a local 'Tsinglan Mountain'. Well, there is no Tsinglan mountain. However, now that we have set up this school, we have created a mountain, a beautiful and towering mountain. Here, faculty and students will 'try, and all is possible'. Here, we will witness a new peak of international education at Tsinglan School."

Wang Yi

Executive Director of Harvard Center Shanghai
Trustee of Tsinglan School

"With regard to education, over the past 30 years, from leaving China to returning to China, from being educated to working in education industry, I realize that there are many students with potential in China. The purpose of my work is to find potential outstanding students. Schools will be their platforms to discover their talents, to feel encouraged to pursue their dreams, and to help them achieve their dreams."

Li Wenping

Trustee and Principal of Tsinglan School
Executive Principal of Tsinghua International School

"In line with Tsinghua's commitment to self-improvement and pursuit of excellence, Tsinglan School cultivates outstanding talents rooted in Chinese culture and with global competitiveness, expecting each Tsinglan student to speak for China on the world stage to achieve a more resilient self and a richer and more prosperous life."

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