Tsinglan School was founded in August 2017. It is a private bilingual international school funded by HUAWEI and operated by Tsinghua University High School.

With the motto of "Try, and all is possible", our school aims to inherit the century-old spirit of Tsinghua University and carry forward HUAWEI's perseverance to create a new international education that suits China's conditions. Tsinglan devotes to lighting up students' dreams, preparing them for a better future, and being responsible for their life along development.

One of the advantages that Tsinglan education enjoys is our continuous and integrated curriculum from Pre-K to 12th grade. This complete PK-12 framework allows seamless progression of teaching and learning from one grade to the next, and continuous cultivation of linguistic competency in both English and Chinese languages, academic skills, character strengths, and cultural understanding.

We strive to provide a diversified educational platform, integrate the best educational resources, adopt a rich teaching model, infiltrate the improvement of students' humanities into cultural and physical studies, science & technology and art education, and cultivate independent thinking, free spirit and sense of responsibility based on a rich accumulation of humanities, creative thinking and knowledge base.

Founded in 2017, Tsinglan School is a pre-K through grade 12 private bilingual international school managed by Tsinghua University High School and financially supported by Huawei. Strategically located in Dongguan, between Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China's Greater Bay Area, we are committed to blending the best of Chinese and western educational philosophies and practices. In a compassionate, free, open, and collaborative school culture, Tsinglan cultivates thoughtful, responsible, intelligent, and interesting young citizens and sets them up on the paths to pursuing truth. Tsinglan's continuous and integrated PK-12 curriculum allows the progress of teaching and learning from one grade to the next, and the continuous cultivation of linguistic competency in both English and Chinese languages, academic skills, character strengths, and cultural understanding.

The campus spans 30 acres of land in the Songshan Lake area. Our indoor sports facilities include a fitness center, a swimming pool, a fencing hall, an archery hall, and two gymnasiums. Students can also spend time in our outdoor sports facilities which include four tennis courts, a soccer field, and a track. With a state-of-art black box, 10+ individual music practice rooms, two Steinway grand pianos, and designated spaces for fine arts, our students have wide access to an array of creative and performance art facilities.

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The classes in Tsinglan Kindergarten are made up of PreK class (2.5-5-year-old mixed-age) and K class (5-6-year-old).

Based on the Montessori Education Philosophy, the PreK class combines thematic teaching with the Montessori method....

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Primary School

Tsinglan Primary School covers grades 1-5, offering the curriculum which is based on the core of Chinese National Curriculum. Under the overall vision of the school, Primary School emphasizes on strengthening the foundations of Chinese, Mathematics and English. ...

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Middle School

Middle School (International track) covers grades 6 - 8, offering the combination of Chinese National Curriculum. Middle School is designed to help students from "adaptation" to "independence" at the best stage of developing study habits, exploring interests and internal motivation, with equal emphasis on moral education and academics. Students are cultivated through a strict academic policy …

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Bilingual School

Bilingual Middle School of Tsinglan covers grades 6-9. The main education framework is based on the national curriculum standards, which ensures that it can fully meet the domestic Secondary School Entrance Examination, keeps small-class teaching mode. With the excellent education experience of Tsinghua University High School...

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High School

Tsinglan High School (international track) covers grades 9-12, mainly offering AP and A-Level courses. In grades 9 and 10, students focus on gaining a broad education foundation through internal courses based on Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, with an aim to expose students to a wide range of disciplines and subjects...

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School Campus
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