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Tsinglan School Tennis Academy (TSTA) was established in 2019 and aims at cultivating comprehensive talents who are excellent at tennis as well as academic.

TSTA adopts the LTAD system of Canadian youth training and provides individualized teaching that incorporates the developmental stages of youth. With the exception of the preschool and Grade 1&2 interest classes, all other programs are focused on developing doubles. TSTA aims to help students become professional players and increase their competitiveness to join tennis clubs, ensuring that high level students are able to apply for the best schools in the world with the advantage of "excelling in academy and tennis".

All coaches from TSTA have a professional athletic training background and oversea study or working experience, with coaching licenses from around the world. They have a wealth of experience in teaching youth at home and abroad, and have combined international teaching models with their own experience as athletes to create a curriculum that is suitable for Tsinglan students.

Since 2020, TSTA has cooperated with Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), which is now an important measure of tennis student-athlete recruitment at U.S. universities. TSTA's "Tsinglan Cup" tournament is included in the UTR points system, offering students and players from neighboring cities the opportunity to compete with high-level players of their own age without having to travel far from home, while earning UTR points for global recognition.

In addition to courses and tournaments, TSTA offers club activities that allow students to experience various tennis knowledge and culture, helping students find their passion through multi-dimensional inquiry and activities such as tournament marketing research and analysis, Olympic sports management, sports media narrative, live event management, digital media and marketing, sports fan psychology, sports rehabilitation, sports technology research and so on.

TSTA also organizes various tennis-related activities such as study trips, summer camps, and membership days every year to enrich students' experience, broaden their horizons, and give them the opportunities to understand and experience tennis from all aspects.

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