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Tsinglan School emphasizes student participation in extra-curricular activities and development of student-led clubs that work alongside the academic curriculum, which allow students to explore their interests and facilitate their holistic development. More than 50 clubs are available for middle and upper school students, including those related to academics, STEM, sports, culture, fine arts, musical performance, community service, and practical skills, etc. Clubs are generally student-initiated and student-directed with one to three club advisor(s).

Study Trip

“Study Trip cultivates people with patriotism in practice; trains people with skills for self-improvement; shapes people in the vast world and cultivates people with virtue and commitment.” Tsinglan Study Trip is a highly distinctive core programme and an intensive practical and comprehensive course. Itineraries are carefully planned by content groups and led by professional school teachers to implement the details of the curriculum and safety of the trip. Tsinglan School organizes study trips in four categories: nature and humanities, public service, skills and science and technology...

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