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College Counseling Philosophy at Tsinglan School

Each student is a unique individual and has a personal story to tell. The philosophy of Tsinglan’s college counseling office is to find the best fit between the student and college. We aim to assist students in discovering

the best fit college that will allow them to attain the best possible education in order to be well prepared for a productive, constructive, and satisfying life beyond college. Tsinglan is committed to guide students and families in making informed decisions related to college applications and choice.

College Counseling Program

Grade 9 and Grade 10 students have regular college counseling class during homeroom time. The focus of these two grades is to help students to discover their strengths and areas of improvement, which would allow them to make best decisions regarding their education pathway at Tsinglan. Students will learn about the different higher education systems around the world, their admission requirements, and make a personalized plan aligned with their target destination. Students will be introduced to college counseling tools such as Cialfo, Kuder Assessments, etc.

By the time students reach Grade 11, they will meet with their college counselors one on one. Workshops on university admission topics will be offered and students are free to attend base on their schedule. During the second semester, students will prepare for the college application cycle by beginning to draft their personal statement, creating a tentative college list, conducting mock interviews, etc. The focus of Grade 12 is finalizing and submitting all the applications, and later on in semester two, transitioning to life in college.

Throughout their four years at Tsinglan School, students are able to interact with admission representatives face to face on multiple occasions. These include:

1.On campus university information sessions

2.Virtual university information sessions

3.College fairs

4.Portfolio review (fine arts students)

5.And more!


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