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"No sports, no Tsinghua" is a motto from our parent university, and the same can be said for Tsinglan. Primary School students get a broad development to physical ability, with emphasis on agility, balance and coordination. Interested students in Middle School and High School will have time and space to do physical exercise and develop sports skills,with emphasis on strength, speed and stamina. Students who have interests and talents in sports can join interscholastic teams in basketball, football (soccer), and volleyball; pursue individual sports such as badminton, swimming, table tennis; or join activities devoted to ultimate frisbee, triathlon, or baseball, to name a few. The school offers a full range of athletic opportunities for students who are serious about sport, and for many others who want to explore.

Two special academies, devoted to tennis and fencing, require a separate admission process. We believe that the students will be able to grow healthily and robustly under the high-quality PE courses of Tsinglan School.

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