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Tsinglan Symphony Orchestra, consisting of both teacher and student symphony orchestras, was established by Tsinglan School in January 2021. The orchestra's mission is to enhance music and art education, spread the art of symphonic music and provide high-quality symphonic concerts to teachers, students, parents and local citizens.

The members of the teacher orchestra are the professional teachers of the student orchestra. They are excellent musicians and outstanding graduates of music conservatories from China, United States, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany and other countries.

The teacher orchestra provides training and guidance to the student orchestra. In addition to the ten or more regular season concerts each year, the orchestra will also deliver more excellent music works to audiences in other activities and events.

At present, student orchestra is divided in to Group A & B based on their professionalism. Tsinglan Symphony Orchestra also provides scholarships for students who have excellent performance on a musical instrument.

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