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Dual Mentor System

Tsinglan School Boarding Centre is designed for G6-G12 students. lt adopts a dual mentor system to ensure that each student receives individual attention and personalised development. Boarding Center provides various boarding programmes (including academic support programmes, sports and health classes, social emotional lessons, leadership, etc.) to provide an all-day educational experience for our boarding students.

Boarding Conditions

The boarding center has a cozy and comfortable boarding environment, equipped with central air-conditioning, fresh air system and drinking water system. Each room can accommodate a maximum of 3 students. The rooms are equipped with the necessary study and living facilities, comfortable and environmentally friendly bedding and toiletries, as well as a private bathroom. Free laundry facilities and services are provided. Each floor has a dedicated space for student activities.

Health Insurance

Tsinglan School provides 24-hour medical care at the health center with professional nursing staff.

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