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Tsinglan High School (international track) covers grades 9-12, mainly offering AP and A-Level courses. In grades 9 and 10, students focus on gaining a broad education foundation through internal courses based on Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, with an aim to expose students to a wide range of disciplines and subjects. As they progress to grades 10, Students choose their destination country based on their interests and future plans for college.

In addition to academic support, High School is fully equipped to prepare students for university life and the challenges ahead. Our high school students have the opportunities to be mentored by scientists around the world, conduct scientific research in the Tsinghua Research Mentorship program, join the High Tech labs, and learn through academic programs in collaboration with Top 30 U.S. universities. They are able to participate in the Student Council, more than 50 student clubs, nearly 20 boarding clubs, 10 Sea Dragon sport teams, 5 residential houses, speaker series... High School students have a wide variety of opportunities to fulfill their ambitions. In an internationally diverse, arts and culture-rich high school with many top resources and endless possibilities, students are free to explore and grow as globally competent citizens in society.

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