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Tsinglan School Art Academy (TSAA) aims to nurture a newbreed of 21st century talents with excellent "art literacy".

TSAA courses consist of three categories: Foundation Stage, Professional Stage, and High School Course Support.

- Foundation Stage (G4-5, G6-8) is designed as a cross-grade class based on TSAA curriculum;

- Professional Stage (G9-11) is a separate class: Students will have specific tutoring on their portfolio based on their choices of majors. The module course is designed to be tiered-teaching based on TSAA curriculum;

- AP/A-Level TSAA support courses are grouped into classes according to the relevant courses.

At TSAA, students can balance their academic courses and TSAA courses because TSAA courses are mainly scheduled after classes or during weekends. Students will be able to improve themselves in both academic performance and artistic ability. TSAA’s centralized management and real-time communication enable integrated teaching and learning.

TSAA has 4 professional studios, which are No.1 - 2D & 3D Basic Drawing Studio, No.2 - Clothing & Textile Studio, No.3 - Wooden Architecture & Mixed Materials Studio and No.4 - Metal & Ceramics & Clay Sculpture Studio. In addition to fashion design and textile works, No. 2 studio also collects a large number of art books and resource for TSAA students to explore.

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