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Bilingual School includes Bilingual Middle School and Bilingual High School.

Bilingual Middle School of Tsinglan covers grades 6-9. The main education framework is based on the national curriculum standards, which ensures that it can fully meet the domestic Secondary School Entrance Examination, keeps small-class teaching mode. With the excellent education experience of Tsinghua University High School, we provide a learning platform with national culture and international vision, and fully explore the potential of every student.

After completing grades 6-8, students in the Bilingual Middle School will be able to choose from a variety of paths according to their future planning. Students who plan to enter the domestic education system can apply for admission to Bilingual High School or other high schools through Secondary School Entrance Examination, while students who plan to enter the international education system can apply for admission to the International High School at the end of Grade 8.

The synchronization of Bilingual Bilingual Middle School with Tsinglan University High School shows in four aspects: synchronous teaching and education research, synchronous student activities, synchronous examinations, and synchronous academic competitions. We share educational resources of the international departments, keep the English immersion courses and multiple optional courses, and highlight the advantages of Tsinghua University High School's high-quality national curriculum to achieve the "integrated, dual-track system, domestic and international dual pathways to higher education" model of the school.

In addition, Bilingual Middle School provides scholarships ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 yuan for students who have excellent academic performance.

Bilingual High School will be established in the fall of 2023.

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