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Tsinglan Fencing Academy (TSFA) aims to provide professional training and lessons to students across all grades. While focusing on students’ fundamental skills and tactics, TSFA also cultivates students to be Fencers with manners. Through fencing, students can not only grow physically and mentally, but also learn to make quick decisions with sharp perceptions.

TSFA provides highly professional and skilled lessons with a mixed-culture teaching system between the East and the West education. Our teaching ratios are flexible, ranging from one-to-one, one-to-four, and one-to-six. TSFA has a team which actively participates in both domestic and global competitions.

TSFA has an outstanding coaching team. Our head coach, Mr. Marc Bigorra was the former head coach of the French Youth Fencing Team and the Zhejiang Team. Mr. Zhu Shengcao was the former head coach of the Liaoning Youth Team. Coach Yolanda Sun was an athlete and fitness physical instructor in the Shandong Weifang Team.

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