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Middle School covers  grades  6 - 8,  offering  the combination of Chinese National Curriculum. Middle School is designed to help students from "adaptation" to "independence" at the best stage of developing study habits, exploring interests and internal motivation, with equal emphasis on moral education and academics. Students are cultivated through a strict academic policy, a comprehensive student management system and diverse and individualized development paths.

Students are required to complete a Capstone Project and meet graduation requirements in 8th grade in order to advance to Tsinglan High School. Capstone Project requires a minimum of three months of intensive research and study on a chosen topic, culminating in a research paper that meets academic requirements, and a presentation of the findings and conclusions to peers, teachers and parents. The final project practices students’ abilities of in-depth inquiry, critical thinking, synthesis and collaboration, and is a great opportunity for students to exhibit the knowledge and skills they have gained in Middle School.

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