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The classes at Tsinglan Kindergarten are made up of PreK class (2.5-5-year-old mixed-age) and K class (5-6-year-old). Tsinglan Kindergarten brings the mission and vision into the children's daily life and learning, constructing a comprehensive "mountain" curricular system.

Based on the Montessori Education Philosophy, the PreK class combines thematic teaching with the Montessori method. To develop children's cognition, concentration, coordination, independence, creativity, and sociality, contents such as virtues education, sports, and library reading course have been added to the five areas of the Montessori Curriculum i.e., the practical life area, the sensorial area, the math area, the language area, and the cultural studies area. Meanwhile, the English immersive environment we create allows children to pick up the language naturally in their daily lives.

Early childhood is a critical period for language development, including the acquisition of a second language. During this time, children's brains are highly receptive to language learning, and exposure to consistent, immersive and meaningful context can have long-lasting benefits. The K Chinese course combines the exploration of interdisciplinary themes with the teaching of ancient poetry based on the "four major preparations." Children appreciate the beauty of poetic ideas and rhythm while building a solid foundation in Chinese language and literature. This is achieved by blending Chinese and English subjects, combining their knowledge and experiences using themes suitable for their stage of development.

The process involves designing and guiding children's learning. Children’s creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperative communication abilities are cultivated in practical inquiry.


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